Development Update - End of October

RTS fans, we're coming at you with yet another DevLog entry!

New features are landing in this weeks version
  • Advanced AI updates to enhance how computers control their economy, production and military in Skirmish mode.
  • Long waited in-game menu where players can fine-tune how they interact with the gameplay
  • Visualisation of workers returning to the station with the extracted raw materials.
  • Added new researches to the game
  • Improved fighters and carriers in-game behaviour
  • Dozens of bug fixes
  • Updated and polished version of the Prequel Missions are coming out for PC this month
  • We're also releasing a HTML5 version onto Game Distribution this month

What are the possible ways to support the project? We highly appreciate any sort of help to deliver Five Nations. The best ways to do that are:

Thank you guys, we're looking forward to hearing what you think!

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