Development Update - November


  • Updated version of the Super Early Access is coming out on Game Distribution in December, so hold tight we're almost there.
  • Updated version of the Super Early Access is coming out on PC too soon that will be available here.
  • We attended IGB, which by the way was brilliant with loads of interesting and effective meetings, doing great deal of business development and networking.


The guys in the studio have been putting their back into pulling off as many features and bug fixes as possible so that we can stick to our roadmap and deliver Five Nations in Q1 2020. Take a look at the list of items that are landing in this week's version.

Highlighted items
- All researches are in the game now
- Skirmish Menu is in progress but coming along very nicely, so that games can get set up and launched from the menu 
- Enhanced AI for Skirmish, exciting AI vs AI matches
- Adjusted Prequel Missions to new gameplay structure
- Massive amount of unit balancing and property tweaking for better game experience

Further delivered items
- Victory and Defeat conditions for Skirmish
- Diplomacy to Skirmish maps
- Carriers with control range limit
- Control Group - new method for double pressing 
- Minds do not preforms attack
- Introduce Logic to set initial force for Skirmish maps
- Remove duplicated assets from getting loaded
- [BUG] Refresh issue on entity Control panel
- Refactor how game elements are displayed in terms of rendering order
- [BUG] Progress bar starts backwards
- [BUG] Units can "FOLLOW " themselves
- Fog Of War is jerky near the edges of the map
- Disappearing construction range
- Use getRace() API call in research callbacks
- CTRL click on Unit select all from the similar type on the screen
- [BUG] Hunters blocks the hangar capacity
- Advanced researches
- [BUG] Ingame menu options does not appear in Skirmish
- Centers the unit when clicking on its portrait
- Display effects on minimap
- [BUG] Modify initialPoints for Zhogarn Worker
- Set all entities/effects targetGraphicsGroup
- [BUG] Teleporter mining station issue
- Smoother Initial point for Lightning and Laser shader
- [BUG] Deploy cause all control buttons disappear
- AI - improve skirmish economy
- [BUG] Missing Quotes for Anton Vargas
- [BUG] Missing SFX for Digestivator / Mass Transmitter / Construction / Mining
- Maps created in map editor are playable by bots
- Create directory structure for maps
- [BUG] Remaining range indicator
- Variables for Health/Shield/Power Bar Offset and Size
- [BUG] Canceling Zhogarn constructions
- [BUG] Research time will be 0 after "buildingTime" upgrades
- Withered stations effects
- [BUG] Digestivator anomaly
- Button frames for the Control HUD
- AI BuildOrder fragments
- [BUG] Fighters with short weapon range detach from their target
- Addition for Map manifests - map description and name
- Overwrite the Wreckages Explosion's targetGroup
- [BUG] PC build does not run on Windows
- [BUG] Athrael Masstransmitter in construction sprite issue
- Add complementary colors for Players
- Ability to preset researches for maps
- AttackerAI chooses alternative targets
- [BUG] Harbinger mode changing BUG


Both PC and HTML5 version of the updated Super Early Access are coming along as planned and will be out in December.


What are the possible ways to support the project? We highly appreciate any sort of help to deliver Five Nations. The best ways to do that are:

Thank you guys, we're looking forward to hearing what you think!

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