Super Early Access is now available

We are super proud that our long-awaited Super Early Access is finally out. It narrates the preceding story of the full version of Five Nations that is planned to be released in late summer 2019. The Super Early Access tells the story of Commander Anton Vargas, who is gathered by a top-secret federation institute called EIRA and assigned to a mission of identifying the whereabouts of a high-profile expedition that has been missing for two weeks. As the story develops, Commander Vargas finds himself in an unknown part of the galaxy where he soon learns that we are not alone in the universe. Super Early Access incorporates a pack of five gripping missions with approximately 4 hours of gameplay. Five Nations is now on GameJolt,, GameDev.Net or check out our official website at Pre-order the full version if you like to play with an action-packed traditional RTS.


Super Early Access Browser version
Feb 18, 2019
fivenations 0.78.2 win x64-Setup.exe 572 MB
Mar 01, 2019
fivenations 0.78.2 mac
Mar 01, 2019

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