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RTS [re]imagined

Five Nations is a real-time sci-fi strategy game for PC platforms, Switch, and mobile. Encompassing tactical combat in space in real-time mixed with micromanagement of economy, construction, and production, it will play both in single player and multiplayer modes. The RTS mechanics being custom-made to deliver action-packed gameplay.


  • You are a commander of one of the five greatest galactic empires in the far future
  • Develop your space facilities, mining stations, factories, power plants, and research complexes.
  • Produce a gigantic armada of spacecraft to confront and destroy your rivals by applying shrewd strategies to outmanoeuvre their fleets.
  • All this in real-time, by micromanaging your spaceships and structures through conventional RTS mechanics tailored to modern action-packed gameplay.


In the near future, countries of the Earth are clustered in an international
organization to create co-operation between states and prevent future wars. Aligning mankind under a common flag helped the economic and technological progress that paved the way for space conquest. During the colonization of the solar system, a group of pioneers discovered a wormhole that led to an unknown corner of the galaxy. Although the first attempt to enter the wormhole was deemed a complete success, the second expedition never returned...


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fivenations 0.82.0 win x64-Setup.exe 723 MB
fivenations 0.82.0 mac x64.zip 771 MB
fivenations 0.82.0 linux x64.zip 751 MB

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Five Nations 0.79.0 604 MB from itch.io just crashed (hangs) for me in mission 4 - but ran fine up until that crash..

(IG show case version hangs from start when I try to proceed to start mission 1 after briefing)

Thank you very much for the crash report. We're working hard on the next version that addresses all the crashing issues. Stay tuned for announcements, it's planned to go out in October.

Thank you.  I am very much looking forward to that.

As such I really enjoyed the 'demo' and very much liked the 'retro' style of the game with it's base-building, resource gathering and fighting.

Personally I liked that the missions were not that difficult for a beginner of that game but I am sure that very many will 'bitch' about that.  However rather than making one difficulty then you should make more from very easy to extremely hard (like if you play 'skirmish' mode in Red Alert II) because you can never satisfy all and the closest that you can get to that is to make the game as configurable as possible when it comes to difficulty....  Ar least that is my advice always to developers...

Have a very nice day and enjoy your programming :-)

Thank you so much for the nice words and feedback, we appreciate it! Currently we've put our back into coming out with massive updates as soon as possible, so come back some time soon :).

Will there be an early access Linux download available?

Thanks rvolland for the follow and comment! Yes, Linux build is coming out next week with the patched/updated version so swing back soon!

Sounds great. Thanks!

No worries, hope you'll enjoy the game!

Linux version is out rvolland! 

Great. Downloading as we speak :-)

looks great but i cant really play it at full screen. the mouse way to fast so i record this in windows mode

Hi, great looking game, but cant play my mouse is too fast

Im using full-screen 4k resolution....


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Thank  you Milika,it's a valid point. We're now working really hard on major updates based on comments and user feedback. That will include a in-game settings menu where players can fine-tune their mouse sensitivity. Stick around for updates and don't forget the full version will come out in late Summer. 

Many thanks and have a good one,

Webellion team

its looks super cool 

as RTS lover this look AAWEESOOOMMEEEEEE.........

that pic remind me of nexus and "build more pylon" XD

Thanks for the nice words, we're working hard to get the full version out by late-summer. Have you played the Super Early Access?

i havent play it but it looks nice and i downloaded it :)

wait for cool vid man 

Awesome, hope you'll have fun.

may i know the system requirement? it seems heavy on my laptop

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Five Nations - Prequel campaign Walkthrough (Super Early Access - no commentary) - mission 05. The Deal. 

Five Nations - Prequel campaign Walkthrough (Super Early Access - no commentary) - mission 04. Pandora. 

Five Nations - Prequel campaign Walkthrough (Super Early Access - no commentary) - mission 03. Home too far.

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Five Nations - Prequel campaign Walkthrough (Super Early Access - no commentary) - mission 02. Operation Broad Jump .